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Deconstructed Šâhnâme (Romanized: Revâyat-e Tourâni-e Šâhnâme) is a Farsi collection of my poems published in 2011. The book is collected from my works between 2005 to 2007.

Revâyat-e Tourâni-e Šâhnâme is formed in a thematic relationship with Ferdowsi’s Šâhnâme, the greatest epic text of Iranians. Also, the content mostly pertains to Iran-Iraq War (1980- 19888) and its ramifications for my society and childhood.

Furthermore, the inimical approach of Ahamd Shâmlou, one the most pioneer figures of Iranian modern poetry, to Shâhname influenced the way Revâyat-e Tourâni-e Šâhnâme approached to the literary tradition in the poems. As the name suggests, the form of these poems is effected by the post-modernistic concerns about the language and form of poetry and its relation to the literary and non-literary tradition of it. Thus, the forms of these poems are developed out of deconstruction of the discourse of the modern Iranian poets like Forough Farrokhzâd and Ahmad Shâmloum.

The publication of the book was not easy at all; in the long process of obtaining the publication permission, it got bowdlerized and curtailed.

Farsi Version

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