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Hegel Abazari

Hegel’s Ontology of Power (a book review)

On Hegel’s Ontology of Power: The Structure of Social domination in Capitalism¸ by Arash Abazari, Cambridge University Press, 2020. PDF Precis The official task of Hegel’s Ontology of Power is to suggest a social interpretation…
dokhtare khiabane enghelab

A Philosophical Note #For Mahsa: Fighting for Truth in an Epistemologically Polluted Area

(Daily Nous Post) Hijab (a head and body covering for women) has been mandatory in post-revolutionary Iran. This law is terrible, but even worse is the “morality police” in charge of enforcing it. In September 2022, Mahsa Amini, a…
Shahriar Khosravi, Iranian Studies, Modern Persian Poetry, Book

An Introduction to the Contemporary Persian Poetry | 2016

An Introduction to the Contemporary Persian Poetry (in Farsi, madkhal), by Shahriar Khosravi, published at 2016, is meant to be a systematic and theoretical introduction to the Persian poetry since the 1905-1911 Persian Constitution Revolution.…